What's app? Latest accessibility apps for mobile phones and tablet devices

Be My Eyes

This free app, available for iOS and Android, matches individuals with blindness or low vision to sighted volunteers. The app is available in over 170 languages.

Blind users can video chat with on-call volunteers who, through a live connection, can see the problem or issue the user is experiencing and help them resolve it.

Worldwide, the app has over 121,000 blind users and over 2 million volunteers. To learn more about Be My Eyes, visit them on the web at www.bemyeyes.com, or check out the apps available on your mobile phone or tablet device.

Live Transcribe

A free app, available for Android only at this time, that helps the deaf or hard of hearing understand others by transcribing their speech to text in real time. Over 70 languages are available.

Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier is a free Android service by Google, downloadable from the Google Play Store, that integrates into your device's built-in accessibility suite. Turning on Sound Amplifier from inside the settings app and plugging in headphones, you can make weak sounds louder and even reduce the noise level of loud sounds. Sound Amplifier can be configured according to the users’ ability to hear and adjusted per ear.