Then & Now: 35 Years of Assistive Technology at Donka

Donka is celebrating 35 years of service to the community in 2022 and in looking back at our work, we realized just how far assistive technology has come during that time. Let’s take a look!


35 years ago, a head wand was the go-to device for people with limited mobility and paralysis.

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Today, those with mobility issues can use an eye scanner – a small device that reads eye movements – to navigate a computer!


35 years ago, nonverbal individuals would be able to purchase a large, expensive, single purpose communications board to “speak.”


Today, old-school communication boards are still available – and still expensive – but a free or affordable communications app that can be used on a tablet or smart phone is much more efficient.


35 years ago, persons with visual impairment or blindness could use this device – an Echo Speech Synthesizer – to read the screen. Although not reliable in correctly reading all words – and a voice that was decidedly robotic – it was considered state-of-the-art at the time.


Today, a screen reader like JAWS or Zoom Text can not only read text but enlarge it. And the voice is more sophisticated…think Siri.

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