Grant from DuPage Foundation Boosts Job Placement Services for Individuals with Disabilities at Donka

Alfred sitting in front of his computer monitors in his home office

Alfred, a Donka graduate, in his home office, from where he works for the Social Security Administration.

Donka, Inc., a leading, nonprofit provider of computer training and job readiness services for individuals with disabilities, is thrilled to announce the receipt of a generous grant of $15,000 from the DuPage Foundation. This grant will significantly enhance Donka’s efforts to support job placement services for individuals with disabilities.

According to the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is over twice as high for people with disabilities than without. This discrepancy is not due to lack of skills or experience but rather to finding the right fit and accommodations depending on the disability. Donka has witnessed this firsthand with its graduates.

Filling the Need. Finding Opportunities.

Students quickly gained computer and assistive technology skills but needed support to find a job. To fill this service gap, Donka launched its job placement program.

Through this program, Donka graduate Alfred eventually secured his ideal job. “For a person with a vision impairment like me,” Alfred shared, “the main challenges are transportation, mobility, and having proper assistive technology tools to perform specific job functions. As a career mechanical engineer, I sought a position in my field, but many of the jobs I was interested in didn’t work out.”

Alfred diligently worked with Donka’s job placement specialist, Carlos Johnson, to prepare for and engage in job seminars, online job fairs, and interviews for various positions. Simultaneously, he honed his newly acquired assistive technology skills, crucial for his next role.

As a result, he discovered his position at the Social Security Administration (SSA). They provided him with the necessary assistive technology. However, his relationship with Donka didn’t end there; Carlos periodically checks in to ensure his continued success.

Robust Job Placement Services

The placement services encompass a range of activities, including training in interviewing techniques, resume writing, completing online applications, and advocating for accommodations. Carlos also collaborates with companies hiring for our job seekers’ skill sets. He’s engaged with over 80 employers in the greater Chicagoland area, and the interest continues growing.

Thanks to the DuPage Foundation grant, Donka has expanded its services to aid more job seekers like Alfred. With Carlos leading the program, the focus remains on empowering graduates with the skills and confidence necessary for successful workforce entry.

“We are immensely grateful to the DuPage Foundation for their generous grant, enabling us to expand our job placement services for people with disabilities,” said Leanne Vos, Executive Director at Donka.

“DuPage Foundation has been a faithful supporter of Donka for over 30 years,” Leanne continued. “Their staff, including Michael R. Sitrick, President & CEO, former President & CEO David McGowan, and Barbara S. Szczepaniak Vice President for Programs, are celebrated for their commitment to building solid relationships with nonprofit organizations in DuPage County and providing vital financial support for impactful programs to enrich the community.”

Today, Donka serves 60% of its participants from DuPage and has expanded its services to people with disabilities from Kane and other surrounding counties. “With DuPage Foundation’s support and the backing of community donor-advised funds, we can continue our mission of empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their full potential and thrive in the workforce,” Leanne stated.

The grant from the DuPage Foundation represents a significant investment in the lives of individuals with disabilities, reaffirming Donka’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and opportunity within the community.

About DuPage Foundation

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