New Staff for Growing Demand.

Meet Debbie, talented educator with deep computer experience

Debbie (right) sitting with one of her students at Donka. Both are smiling at camera.

Debbie (right) sitting with one of her students at Donka

You have chosen a career to work with people with disabilities. What drew you to your work?

A career working with people with disabilities has been challenging yet one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to date.

By working with individuals who are intellectually or physically disabled, you are helping someone with special needs to conquer the daily challenges life can throw their way. You can celebrate their successes and help them through the difficult times. Helping those find their way in society is giving back.

What aspects of your past work/life experiences have prepared you to work at Donka?

I have been an educator for the past 30 years. Teaching K-12 in public schools. I focused on teaching computer programming and applications. I worked as a network admin as well as a front-end developer for various companies. I also raised 7 children which has prepared me for most of what life throws my way as well as looking at teaching through the eyes of parents and loved ones.

What has been your favorite experience while working at Donka?

I can’t really pinpoint one favorite experience because there are so many but one that stands out is helping a transition student find hope. Hope by helping her find self-confidence in herself and a life outside her disability. Hope to be able to live independently and support herself.

What is your favorite topic to teach/service to provide at Donka?

Again, I don’t have a favorite topic, but it is a very special experience when I help elderly residents get in touch with family and friends. Family and friends, they have not been in touch with for many years. I help them get connected with the outside world outside of the care center they live in.

How has working at Donka changed your perspective as it relates to the abilities /challenges/ barriers of people with disabilities?

I have always felt that everyone has some sort of inability, challenges, and barriers. Working at Donka has given me an avenue to show individuals how to work around challenges and to find their strengths.

Tell us a little about yourself:  family, favorite activity/hobby, pets, etc.

I live with my husband in the Naperville, Aurora area and we have two very dear dogs. Our children are all so successful living their best life all over the country. We love to travel, hike and spend time at our lake house in Sandwich, IL. My all time favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends.


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